What ‘missional’ looks like today

Written by Keith Doornbos
July 27, 2020

All that was upended by Covid-19 when most missional investments were shuttered by social distancing. Even today those endeavors remain largely sidelined.

Renewal leaders have a desire to join God on His redeeming and restoring mission. Before Covid-19 most renewal leaders understood what missionally living looked like in their ministry context. They could name, for example, neighbor-focused ministry investments bringing hope and healing. All that was upended by Covid-19 when most missional investments were shuttered by social distancing. Even today those endeavors remain largely sidelined. So, what does joining God on mission look like in this new ministry context? Here are a few suggestions.

7 missional moves in a post Covid-19 world:

Missional Move 1:Double down on on-line gospel-focused biblical preaching

Interestingly, only 40% of churchgoers watch their own church on-line. If a church has as equivalent number of log-ins as previous worship attendees then 60% may not be affiliate with your church. On-line guests provide a missional opportunity for sharing a Gospel of grace & hope for such a time as this.

Missional Move 2: Teach good neighboring

This is a season with great opportunity for good neighboring given that people are spending most of their time at home. Teaching members the art of good neighboring is an important missional move. The book THE ART OF NEIGHBORING by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon provides practical suggestions.

Missional Move 3: Provide mental health ministries

Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and relational challenges are all on the rise. One survey found 49% of respondents showing signs of depression. A missional move demands being informed, proactive and available. A good example is Dave Dummitt’s recent message. You can view here.

Missional Move 4: Discover and address one or more specific community need.

One common need found in nearly every community is the need for daily bread since so many bread winners have lost their jobs. Consider organizing a food box campaign. A good example of the contents of a food box can be found here. Community agencies often have distribution systems already in place.

Missional Move 5: Develop an on-demand digital discipleship library

Carey Nieuwhof, in an excellent article “7 New Disruptive Trends That Will Shape the Future” suggests building an on-line digital discipleship library. On demand provides content when people are ready. Focus, especially, on a discipleship pathway to help people discover and deepen their faith.

Missional Move 6: Participate in the pursuit of justice.

Being on mission with God today demands that every church join the movement that seeks justice for the oppressed. Church’s must be present with those who suffer and they must be a clear voice advocating change. All this begins with self-examination, repentance and the renewing of our hearts and minds.

Missional Move 7: Invest in ministries of prayer

Prayer is a missional move that cannot be curtailed by circumstance. Churches should teach and encourage their members to pray, offer suggestions to bring into God’s throne room and gather them in virtual prayer meetings. Of particular importance is teaching people to pray for others by name.

The Center for Church Renewal is committed to assisting church leaders as they help congregations navigate new ministry realities.

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