There are two paths available to become a disciple who makes disciples:

First Path

Attend the free 222Disciple Webinar scheduled for Wednesday, March 3, 12-3 PM EST

Second Path

Apply for a 222Disciple Mentor who could begin working with you immediately.

Watch the following video and you will be informed how you can make application to be trained through the method.

It begins with simply texting your first and last name and the word “GO” to 772-222-3707.

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The 222Disciple Training Experience

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While discipleship does include individual practices, large and small group gatherings, what has been proven to be the most transforming is a one-to-one relationship. There is a level of learning and intimacy that cannot take place when more people are involved. Could this be part of the meaning and application of Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:20? “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”

A Gospel-Centered Curriculum
The Life-on-Life Discipleship ministry involves a curriculum of introductory materials and 23 lessons that give a summary of the basic Gospel message. There are follow-up “courses” that are under development.

It’s About Relationships
Life-on-Life Discipleship is as much about relationship as it is content/curriculum. Mutual support, encouragement and love develops between the disciples. Life is shared together. A prayer partnership is formed. A time will come when the formal discipling will have concluded, but the connection will go well beyond the time of training/teaching using the resources.

Multiplication: The Missing Step
Pastors/Teachers will typically teach larger groups. That’s a good thing. Then when that translates into small groups, that’s another good thing. But in the Life-on-Life approach, it’s never enough to just teach so others know. It is to teach AND train so that others can teach AND train. In the same way in a family it is hoped that children will eventually produce grandchildren, so disciples produce more disciples…who in turn keep the process of multiplication from just becoming addition. The world could never be reached with addition only. There must be multiplication. The Life on Life Lab has the tools, training and support to make this all-important dynamic a reality in the local church.