Coaching Opportunities

Coaching is a relational experience in which one person facilitates an individual group to discover their God-given potential so that they grow personally and make their unique contribution to the kingdom of God. The goal of coaching is to empower you to more fully live out God's calling in your life and ministry. The coaching relationship will produce insights, greater personal awareness, new or modified behaviors, action steps, and ultimately results that satisfies you and help you move forward.

The Renewal

Coaching to serve
churches that are completing
their journey.

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Coaching that helps renewal leaders navigate renewal change.

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Coaching that helps renewal leaders develop a discipleship strategy.

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Coaching that helps renewal leaders working in specialty areas of ministry.

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Coaching that helps churches know and serve near-neighbors.

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Coaching that helps churches develop a fresh congregational vision.

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Personal Development Coaching

The work of church renewal requires more than simple problem solving.  When the church is on a renewal journey, God is taking its leaders on a journey that requires courage, trust, and greater dependence on him.  Coach can help generate new understanding about your development as a leader, listen to the Holy Spirit as He reveals how God is shaping you to lead, and help you take action to shape your life as a leader according to God’s unique design.

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REVEAL Coaching

The spiritual growth of your members is of central importance to the renewal of your church. Do you know where your people are on the journey? Are they just starting to explore the Christian faith or are they long-time Christ-followers? We want to help you make more and better disciples. The REVEAL Assessment can help. Have your congregation participate in the survey.

A REVEAL certified coach from the Center for Church Renewal will help interpret and communicate your results with your leadership team and congregation empowering you to take the next steps in building a discipleship pathway for the spiritual growth of your members.

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Departmental Coaching

Every congregation has multiple areas of ministry investment that help them live into the calling of making more and better disciples. Persons who are serving in those ministry areas are often looking for a little help and encouragement to become more effective in what they are called to do.  Our departmental coaching staff can provide that help and encouragement.  We have dedicated coaches working in the following ministry areas: Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Outreach, Youth, Children, and Assimilation/Hospitality.  Below are a summary of questions that can help your departments reflect on being more mission focused.


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The MissionInsite Report is an amazing tool providing critical information about persons living in the near-neighborhood of a congregation.  Using a variety of demographic resources, the report identifies a broad range of socio and economic information, various trend lines, key groupings of people, social and religious views and interests and the best way to reach and serve those living in a church’s community.  The survey is free to congregations affiliated with the CRC and RCA.

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Vision Coaching

The Center for Church Renewal offers vision coaching for leaders and congregations seeking to identify a clear, shared and compelling vision for a God-preferred future.  Vision coaching can be as little as a one-hour consultation or as in-depth as a year or more of engagement including retreats, congregational vision gatherings and the formation of a Vision Implementation Team.  Vision coaching can focus either on the implementation of an existing vision statement or the creation of a fresh statement that will enliven the ministry of a church.  Vision coaching helps churches identify their mission, vision, values, objectives, action plans and practices.

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