Transformers: Changed by God

Written by Hannah Rottschafer
September 6, 2021

In light of the COVID Health Crisis in our world, we created "Transformers: Changed by God' to impact children and families in their homes.

Submitted by:  Juliana Clink, Alive in Jenison

Category:  Children’s Ministry

In light of the COVID Health Crisis our world has faced, the hope was to create ways to impact children and families right from their homes.

Our first step was to create a website as a means to encourage children to continue to grow in the Lord, wherever they were.

In the beginning, lessons were shared via PPT and activity pages.  However, when we continued to be unable to meet in person, a new curriculum, ”Transformers, Changed by God” and KA-TV (Kids Alive TV) was birthed. It took our theme of the year, ”Transformers, Changed by God”, and morphed it into a kids lesson-of-the-week TV episode shared through YouTube and our website.

Puppets were used and only minimal volunteers were needed each week to make each show a reality. Volunteers could also film from wherever they were, if needed, or Zoom with our puppet cast.

Each lesson/video was fluid and included space for the “Super News” (Lesson Overview), “Super Blip” (Bible Memory), “Super Stuff” (Something that transforms and connects to lesson), “Super Story” (Bible Story read and discussed), “Super Song” (Song), “Super Peep” (Person in History who was transformed by God & transformed their world), “Super You, Super Do” (Spiritual Discipline/Challenge of the Week), “Super Zoom” (Prayer), and the “Super Send” (Blessing).

We ended with over 30 full episodes and some smaller ‘special editions’. It allowed us to ‘meet’ with kids and families wherever they were, as well as encourage others we may not have been able to prior to this pandemic.

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