Spaces to Learn

Written by Center for Church Renewal
April 16, 2021

Spaces to Learn formed to help provide study spaces for distance learning. Desks, headphones, desk lamps, chairs, etc. were collected and distributed to help kids at home.

Submitted by Rod Hugen, The Village Church

Category: Outreach

Our administrative assistant Jessica, who is also an educator, noticed that lots of kids in distance learning situations had laptops and internet connections provided by a school district, but didn’t have a suitable work space in which to study, or the necessary accoutrements to engage online.

At her bequest, we formed Spaces to Learn and she began to raise money to purchase small desks, headphones, bookcases, desk lamps, and chairs. We’ve received lots of donations. A woodworking club is making desks and several church members have purchased lamps or made bookcases or donated used equipment they already have. We made our offering known to various schools and they are sending underprivileged families and single parents to our church to pick up the free items. We also have folks deliver items to those who can’t pick up.

It’s a joy to see kids eyes light up when they get cool headphones and a new desk. We’ve gotten numerous before and after pictures that show kids flopped out on couches or sprawled on a bed with books scattered everywhere now able to sit at a desk with good lighting and a bookcase. The headphones are particularly helpful when there is a large family in a small space.

Jessica’s great idea has helped well over 100 families and we recently received a $5,000 grant enabling us to help many more families. Even as children return to in-person learning the need for a good in home space to study and do homework continues.

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