Written by Bill Whitt
March 11, 2024

Podcasts for Church Renewal Leaders

Podcasting has exploded in popularity and finding ones beneficial to a church renewal leader can be a challenge. Here are five that help me.

Church renewal leaders never stop learning. Reading is an important part of that process, as Kris Vos mentioned in a recent article. However, pastors can use other types of resources to continue growing as well.

  • For the busy pastor, podcasts can provide an easy way to stay current and to dream bigger. Because of podcasts, what was once wasted time in the car has become one of my favorite parts of the day. They are like a slow-drip IV infusion of big-picture perspectives that help me keep my eye on the prize!

Because podcasting has exploded in popularity, finding just the right ones can be a challenge. Below I’ve listed five of the ones I find most beneficial as a church renewal leader.

Five great podcasts about church leadership

Podcast 1: Carey Nieuwhof leadership podcast
  • Among all the podcasts on this list, Carey Nieuwhof’s covers the widest variety of topics that should be on the radars of church leaders. He is an excellent interviewer who brings out the best in his guests in an extended, two-hour format.
  • Where to start? Check out episode 625, which is an interview with Brady Shearer about effective social media strategies for churches in 2024!
Podcast 2: Tony Morgan (the unstuck church podcast)
  • The Unstuck Church Podcast is the most research-heavy of those on this list. As a consultancy group, they publish quarterly white papers with insights into emerging church trends, and they unpack those on their podcast very well.
  • Where to start? The episode from Dec. 13, 2023, highlights what it takes to go multi-site, illustrating how this podcast helps equip mid- and large-size churches with next steps.
Podcast 3: Craig Groeschel leadership podcast
  • The founding pastor of Life.Church, Craig Groeschel, has emerged as a leader of leaders within the Christian community. In his 30- to 40-minute episodes that often feature interviews, he has an uncanny way of making complex issues easy to understand.
  • Where to start? Check out the episode from Dec. 21, 2023, in which Louie Giglio offers insight into his leadership and communication style, including a peek into his weekly rhythms.
Podcast 4: Rainer on Leadership
  • Thom Rainer tackles the issues that plague churches of all sizes on his leadership podcast. His group, Church Answers, provides numerous resources, including the training I took to become a Certified Church Consultant (CCC).
  • Where to start? The episode from Jan. 13, 2024, addresses the difficult situation of discerning if it is time for a church to close.
Podcast 5: Ron Edmonson leadership podcast
  • As opposed to Carey Nieuwhof’s long-form format, Ron Edmondson’s podcast presents bite-sized content, with each episode being less than 10 minutes. Each episode is organized into brief bullet points that are easily digestible on-the-go.
  • Where to start? Check out episode 82, in which Ron discusses the common characteristics of the people who do well within the field of church revitalization.

These five just scratch the surface. What podcasts are you listening to these days? Reply and let me know!

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