Positive Messaging

Written by Keith Doornbos
July 10, 2023

People like to hang out in churches filled with positive messaging. Check out these seven positive message that help grow churches.

Would you rather hang out with a “yes” person or a “no” person?  A person who is persistently positive or persistently negative?  A person who is grateful or a person who complains incessantly? The answer is self-evident.  The same is true for churches.  People like to hang out in churches filled with positive messaging.  Churches that effectively swim against the currents of a secular culture almost always exude positivity from landscaping to signage, to warm smiles, to helpful attitudes, to life-affirming Bible-based sermons, to uplifting worship, and to generous welcomes all around. Guests know they have entered a special space when they walk into a church committed to nurturing a helpful and hopeful culture.  Robert Schuller said, “You can grow your church 25% if you just teach your members to smile.”

Here are Seven Positive Messages Connected with Growing Churches:
Positive Message 1: We are for Grace

Growing churches have this message, “No matter where you’ve made your bed…you are welcome here.”  Gospel saturated grace where forgiveness is abundant and new life is offered is incredibly compelling.

Positive Message 2: We are for Joyful Christianity

Growing churches are less focused on the weight of faith’s responsibilities and more focused on the lightness of knowing we are loved unconditionally.  This joy is especially evident in worship and preaching.

Positive Message 3: We are for Our Guests

In growing churches, first-time guests are the most important people on any given Sunday morning.  Guests receive the red-carpet treatment and are provided helpful information and sincere invitations.

Positive Message 4: We are for the Local Community

Growing churches are churches without walls.  They keep a constant eye on neighborhood people and activities. They pray for neighbor-concerns, and they volunteer for neighborhood projects.

Positive Message 5: We are for the Youngest Among Us

Growing churches have a love and constant focus on families and youth.  They love families of every type and children from every home.  Jesus’ love for children is seen in everything growing churches do.

Positive Message 6: We are for the Underdogs

Jesus said that a bruised reed he would not break (Matt. 12:20).  Jesus hung out in broken spaces and with broken people.  In the same way, growing churches first concern is for the least, the last and the lost.

Positive Message 7: We are for Diversity

Growing churches celebrate a rich cultural tapestry.  They insist that leadership and worship teams include persons from multiple ethnic backgrounds.  Diversity includes the physically and mentally challenged.

At your next leadership team meeting, discuss what your congregation is uniquely “for” and how you can nurture a positive culture pulsating with the love and joy of Christ.

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