7 questions to discover renewal leaders

Written by Keith Doornbos
April 21, 2020

The challenge for churches is finding the right person to lead a renewal journey. Discovering renewal leaders begins by asking good questions.

Everyone knows the importance of finding renewal leaders. At the Center for Church Renewal we often say, “As leaders go, so goes the church.” God himself leans heavily on leaders. The Bible’s redemptive story demonstrates that every time God initiates a redemptive move, He raises up a leader. The challenge for churches is finding the right person to lead a renewal journey. Discovering renewal leaders begins by asking good questions:

Here are 7 questions to ask potential renewal leaders:

Question 1:
If you could preach just five sermons what texts would you choose?

Preaching tells a lot about a leader’s heart. Do the texts emphasize hope, the Gospel, the Spirit, disciple-making, the church and risk-taking? Look for a leader whose sermons focus on a fresh God-filled future.

Question 2:
What teams have you developed in pursuit of God’s mission?

Renewal leaders never do renewal alone. There are many wonderful evangelists who make lousy leaders because they lack an Ephesians 4 passion to equip God’s people for ministry and mission. Look for equippers.

Question 3:
What relationship do you have with those on a journey to God?

Many leaders love those disconnected from faith and faith family in theory but don’t actual carve out time for them. Look for leaders who are truly connected with the disconnected.

Question 4:
What fresh ideas have you championed of which you are most proud?

Renewal leaders have healthy ministry imaginations. Like the apostle Paul they’re always looking for new ways to engage the broader community. Look for imaginative leaders who get imaginative things done.

Question 5:
What are your priorities in ministry?

Renewal leaders get priorities right. They know they have one “first hour” and one “first dollar.” How they spend them determines the direction of ministry. Look for a leader who prioritizes on disciple-making.

Question 6:
What do your mission-focused measures suggest?

Renewal leaders keep their eyes on measurables (i.e. numbers connected to mission). What do those numbers reveal about the ministry they lead? Look for leaders who have led impactful churches.

Question 7:
How do you feel about the people in your present ministry?

Renewal leaders love people and navigate healthy relationships. They get frustrated at times but their frustration never boils over into anger. Look for leaders who speak highly of those around them.

Any questions you would add to this list? Reply below.


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