Next steps for you to take

to help your church make more and better disciples through the power of the Gospel.


Download and print the congregational ASSESSMENT you just took to see and review the entire survey in a single format.


Share the assessment with others in your church - the leadership and even members of your congregation.


Download and print the congregational TOOL and utilize the leadership discussion guide located on page 4.


Contact the Center for Church Renewal for assistance in identifying your next best steps.
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Renewal Stories

A Large Impact!

"The Church Renewal Lab has had a large impact on my ministry and leadership in the church. Through it I received great training in leadership, along with materials and connections to continue that education. Even more importantly, my time in the Renewal Lab confirmed basic ministry passions in my own heart. These passions for discipleship and gospel-centered preaching have given clarity of direction in my ministry, and have filtered down into the communities I've served in."

Rev. Dan Kinnas

Breath of Fresh Air

I knew I had to do something different but I had no idea what to do or where to turn...the Renewal Lab was the first breath of fresh air blown into that discouragement...Change is hard, and I don’t yet know how it will turn out—but now I have resources and help, and hope. What I have been introduced to (both ideas and people) has changed the way I approach ministry.

Rev. Chris Rea

What We Needed

"Thank you for all the work of the Church Renewal Lab!  It has been exactly what we needed at Beckwith Hills.  Not only that, but it has been a great benefit to me as a pastor as I'm learning things about leadership that are long overdue.  Keep up the good work!

Rev. Rick Pinckney

Growing Each Year!

"Taking the Church Renewal Lab journey was one of the best decisions our church has ever made.  It helped us to refine and focus our missional efforts.   In the last two years we have enfolded 16 new members through evangelism—more than the last three decades combined—and the number of new believers is growing each year."

Rev. Tom Baird